A New AI Hearing Aid That’s More Innovative Than Ever

Hearing aid technology keeps advancing all the time, which is why we’re not surprised that AI hearing aids in Long Island, NY are becoming available. From better audio clarity to surprising new tracking features, one company is developing hearing aids that may change—and even save—lives.

What can AI hearing aids do?

The Starkey Livio AI, which is currently available, offers improved sound quality along with convenient smartphone features that make it easy to work with your hearing aids. Their Hearing Reality technology is designed to help you hear even in challenging environments, like noisy bars or restaurants, but can also be adjusted for quieter settings. This is accomplished by their Thrive app, which allows you to adjust your hearing aids no matter where you are or what you’re doing. They’re compatible with a number of popular smartphones, including Apple and Android devices.

The Livio AI also offers tracking features. You can track your body and brain health activities, such as measuring your physical activity and how much you talk to other people during the day. (This is useful for the elderly or others who are in danger of becoming too isolated.) Even better, it could save lives—it has a built-in fall detector and can alert authorities if necessary.

This hearing aid also has a lot of fascinating “bonus” features, too. The Livio AI can translate languages in real time, stream music and even answer questions like a smart assistant. Even people who don’t need hearing aids find themselves using them.

The next version of these innovative hearing aids in Long Island, NY will be even more futuristic. The Livio Edge AI will come with a pair of smart glasses that can do everything from scan barcodes on the products you’re holding, to recognize someone’s face and whisper their name in your ear. If you need help (or just don’t feel like keeping your eyes open), it will scan a book page and read it to you.

In addition to the Thrive app, which helps caregivers track activity, they will come with the Balance Builder app, which guides the user through a variety of exercises meant to improve balance, strength and other qualities.

While many don’t need additional bells and whistles, for those who are struggling to take care of elderly relatives while balancing a career and their own family, this technology could be a much-needed lifeline.

If you’re interested in learning more about AI hearing aids, inquire with the team at McGuire’s Hearing Centers.

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