Hearing Aid Centers on Long Island, NY

McGuire’s Hearing Centers are committed to providing you with the highest level of audiological evaluations and hearing aid services in a warm, private practice setting. Serving the people of Long Island, NY since 1970, we have built a proud family tradition of dedication to our hearing-impaired population.

McGuire’s Hearing Centers take pride in serving all hearing populations, from profoundly impaired to those who simply require some clarity. Our audiologists’ uncompromising promise to our clients is to provide unmatched high-quality professional service by our expert and caring staff. This is why our hearing aid centers offer a comprehensive range of services for hearing loss and impairment, which include:

Hearing Tests

Tinnitus Evaluations

Listening Devices

Cerumen Management & Ear Wax Removal

OSHA Hearing Tests

Hearing Aid Repair and Batteries

So when you or a loved one needs any type of audiological evaluation, you can rely on the hearing impairment and loss professionals and audiologists at McGuire’s Hearing Centers. Contact us today to schedule your appointment for hearing aids and more!