Cerumen Management


If an audiologist or another medical professional has recommended “cerumen management,” they are talking about ear wax removal. Cerumen is the medical term for ear wax, and often, the cerumen must be cleaned out, as excess accumulates in the ear canal. Excess cerumen can impede the ear canal and is responsible for a tremendous amount of hearing aid faults. Ear wax can build up not only in the ear canal but within the speaker in the hearing aid as well.


McGuire’s Hearing Centers offer a variety of cerumen/ear wax treatments. If you’re having issues with ear canal impedance, difficulty hearing, or hearing aid performance hindrances, there is a good chance that excess ear wax is at fault. We offer the following services in regards to cerumen management:


To properly gauge and treat your cerumen condition, we will need to perform an examination on the outside of your ear. This is a necessary step in getting a comprehensive picture of your cerumen issues.


To get to the root of your ear wax problems, our staff will examine the interior of the ear canal. We investigate discoloration, obstructions, swelling, or any other irregularity that may be causing discomfort or auditory impedance.


Also known as a “warm water flush,” this gentle ear wax removal procedure sends a torrent of warm water through the ear canal to flush loose excess ear wax. This is a common treatment for cerumen management.


If hearing impedance or excessive ear wax is a symptom of a bigger health problem beyond the scope of our services, we can absolutely refer you to a specialist to help make a proactive health choice.

If you’re experiencing hearing issues related to excessive ear wax or irregular cerumen, please don’t hesitate to give us a call, or visit us at any of our locations. These symptoms are uncomfortable, have a negative impact on your quality of life, and could be a sign of a bigger medical problem.


For an expert examination, swift and painless cerumen management procedure, or referral to a ear wax removal specialist, contact us at McGuire’s Hearing Centers a call, or visit us at any of our Long Island, Bronx, Shirley, or Westchester, NY locations! We also offer balance assessments and OSHA hearing tests.

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Our audiologist was highly competent, pleasant and caring. She addressed any concerns I had about my new hearing aids, making the necessary adjustments to improve sound quality. The office is run well. I would recommend this practice to anyone interested in hearing better.

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Mary Raad, on Google

I had gotten molded swim ear plugs for my son many years ago from Mcquire’s and decided to get a pair for myself now. They were very accommodating and just as nice, professional and clear in explaining the procedure as they were all those years ago! Audiologist was very good...

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Lynn Wilson, on Google

McGuire over the many years has handled my hearing needs competently and efficiently. Always ready to make adjustments for comfortable fit and hearing.

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Nicolo DiBartolo, on Google

We have been going to McGuires for over 20 years. The audiologists are very well trained and experienced. Christina , Mary and Carissa are helpful and knowledgeable

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Lester Bragin, on Google

If you are hearing impaired, CALL MCGUIRE HEARING CENTRR! I have been so fortunate to have been a recipient of McGuire Hearing Foundations free hearing aids. I’ve struggled with progressive hearing loss for several years , lately becoming somewhat depressed as I could not hear the TV, or anything that...

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Eil6446 Fogarty, on Google

Recently went to McGuires for a check up. Making an appointment was easy and quick. I met with Janet Shalley was nothing short of fantastic. From the examination to the adjustment of my hearing aid...absolutely fantastic. I would highly recommend them to everyone... Great Job!!

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Paul Dapontes, on Google

This review is long overdue! My 94 year old mum has been going to McGuire's Hearing Center for over 5 years now. She would not go any where else! The unbelievable service that she receives from Dawn, Mary and Kathy are amazing. They are ALL incredibly hard working, patient, kind,...

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Thisker m, on Google

Excellent attention and care from all staff at MGuire’s. Very little waiting so it’s an easy and efficient appointment. Very responsive to all questions/concerns Very happy w my hearing aids

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Renell Sullivan, on Google

What a great experience! I had been procrastinating looking into getting a hearing device for too long. Dr. Hayden dispensed my hearing tests and was incredibly professional, understanding, and knowledgeable and made me feel very comfortable. She was able to answer all my questions and concerns as well as determine...

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Ellen Robertson, on Google

I’ve been taking my brother in law to Mcguires for years! They are very professional and so pleasant to deal with. He is almost deaf in both ears so it’s imperative to tweak the little hearing he has. They do the job well! A special shout out to Karen, their...

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Suzie Petykowski, on Google

I've been to three other audiologists in my life, and including other medical practices, I've never experienced a more pleasant and professional office staff,(of two.) I know Kathy, (with a "K"',) went to extreme lengths working with a new and difficult insurer, mine, and secured results I couldn't. She secured...

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Bob D., on Google

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