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The audiologist, Christina, is a gem to work with. She is knowledgeable, understanding, and so caring. Appointments are easily scheduled and I never have to wait.

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Jennie Mimnagh, on Google

We have been going to McGuires for over 20 years. The audiologists are very well trained and experienced. Christina , Mary and Carissa are helpful and knowledgeable

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Lester Bragin, on Google

The appointment was prompt, their service was excellent and their Audiologist explained the process very clearly, did a good hearing test, explained in detail their finding about my hearing, and finally explained my options for a solution in detail. I was very pleased with McGuire’s Hearing center. I would recommend McGuire’s Hearing Center to all.

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Donald Miller, on Google

I had gotten molded swim ear plugs for my son many years ago from Mcquire’s and decided to get a pair for myself now. They were very accommodating and just as nice, professional and clear in explaining the procedure as they were all those years ago! Audiologist was very good and I’m very happy with them.

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Lynn Wilson, on Google

Our audiologist was highly competent, pleasant and caring. She addressed any concerns I had about my new hearing aids, making the necessary adjustments to improve sound quality. The office is run well. I would recommend this practice to anyone interested in hearing better.

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Mary Raad, on Google

Recently went to McGuires for a check up. Making an appointment was easy and quick. I met with Janet Shalley was nothing short of fantastic. From the examination to the adjustment of my hearing aid...absolutely fantastic. I would highly recommend them to everyone... Great Job!!

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Paul Dapontes, on Google

This review is long overdue! My 94 year old mum has been going to McGuire's Hearing Center for over 5 years now. She would not go any where else! The unbelievable service that she receives from Dawn, Mary and Kathy are amazing. They are ALL incredibly hard working, patient, kind, and treat my mum with great respect and care. They are all so knowledgeable in their field and don't ever hesitate to try and help. I am forever grateful to these lovely ladies!!!

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Thisker m, on Google

Excellent attention and care from all staff at MGuire’s. Very little waiting so it’s an easy and efficient appointment. Very responsive to all questions/concerns Very happy w my hearing aids

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Renell Sullivan, on Google

I’ve been taking my brother in law to Mcguires for years! They are very professional and so pleasant to deal with. He is almost deaf in both ears so it’s imperative to tweak the little hearing he has. They do the job well! A special shout out to Karen, their most devoted employee! You are amazing! So glad to see you for a few minutes the other day!

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Suzie Petykowski, on Google

What a great experience! I had been procrastinating looking into getting a hearing device for too long. Dr. Hayden dispensed my hearing tests and was incredibly professional, understanding, and knowledgeable and made me feel very comfortable. She was able to answer all my questions and concerns as well as determine what devices and models would be compatible with my specific hearing loss. There was no "hard sell" to purchase any device which made me place a good deal of trust in her recommendations. Though I need time to investigate servicing issues I may encounter due to living arrangements split between the east and west coast, I am very inclined to keep on using the services provided by McGuire's Hearing Center. Again, a very good experience!

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Ellen Robertson, on Google

Dawn is fantastic.She is very professional and very helpful. I’ve been dealing with her for years and she truly cares about her clients.

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Tricia Christiano, on Google

I've been to three other audiologists in my life, and including other medical practices, I've never experienced a more pleasant and professional office staff,(of two.) I know Kathy, (with a "K"',) went to extreme lengths working with a new and difficult insurer, mine, and secured results I couldn't. She secured the approval I needed for my first appointment. From the testing on my first appointment to the orientation/run-through today, Dawn is the most thorough audiologist/professional I've ever visited. After the appointment, I wound up telling a guy, Mandy, at the King Kullen deli line about my experience with McGuire's. He took a picture of the face of my appointment card. He needs hearing aids. You'll be in good hands Mandy!

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Bob D., on Google

Great people, doing a fantastic job! Very professional and patient with older folks. The best.

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Bill Thatner, on Google

Dawn and Cathy are the best. Needed extra services twice in the past two months. Both times they worked me into their schedule in less than a day. Thank you ladies. I'm recommending you both for a hundred dollar per week raise.

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Daniel Dobbins, on Google

A great experience. Was seen quickly and was examined thoroughly. Very patient and understanding staff. And very helpful. Would definitely recommend to anyone questioning hearing loss.

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linda pike, on Google

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Grissom Fuel, on Google

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Marianne Justvig, on Google

The office is very accommodating and professional. The people who work there are so caring and amazing with the older generation.

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Rose Monzeglio, on Google

They are very caring and helpful Hearing Center. I have been recommending this company to all my friends that need hearing aids or. Who have hearing issues.

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Diana Fox, on Google

My Experience with Maguires hearing center was excellent. The staff are professional, caring, and sincerely want to help. There was no wait time I signed in and was called right in to begin my evaluation. The Evaluation was done professionally and courteously. My initial introduction to McGuire and this services was first in answer to a questionnaire I filled out on Instagram. Thinking this might be a scam I hesitated to answer my phone but found that Mr. Maguire was making the call himself explained the foundation to me and immediately had a staff member call to make an appointment for me and I was seen within two days. I would highly recommend McGuire hearing foundation to anyone whether you have financial issues or not this is the only place that I would go… they are terrific.

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Eil6446 Fogarty, on Google

Place is very clean. The secretary at the front desk is very pleasant. The doctor is very nice. Very informative on the hearing aid that Im wearing. I would tell all my family and friends to go there if they needed hearing aids.

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valerie cessman, on Google

Dr Carissa Citro was amazing. She made me feel so comfortable She was thorough, courteous professional and a pleasure to deal with. She explained everything to me with respect and patience.If you have any hearing issues she is the MD to see!

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catherine mooney, on Google

They are nice , very welcoming , and very helpful, I recommend this place 100% if your hearing isn’t so well and need a hearing aid this is the place for you

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Star Perez, on Google

I love the way they treat me they explain me everything good and took time too explain I don’t have no problem what so ever if you need a good clinic for the hearing be free to go I definitely recommended

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Angel Santiago, on Google

It was a great experience my dad appreciated the care he received from Dr. Russo she was a wonderful she’s very detailed, pleasant and caring. Thank you for a great visit!

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Wanda Montanez, on Google

Great experience from the welcoming staff to the to the Dr and her assistant. They were very professional and very kind to my dad in getting him his long overdue hearing aid.

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Louis Santiago, on Google

Wow. McGuire's provides a place to park your car. On both my visits, I was greeted by caring staff and provided exceptional service from Dr. O"Rourke, Sr. audiologist. This doctor has hands on digital knowledge which has made wearing my new hearing aids very effortless. In addition, the waiting area was nice, clean and comfortable.

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Grace Solomon, on Google

Very knowledgeable and friendly staff. The hearing aids they ultimately fitted me for are fantastic. Dr. Citro was professional and very courteous.

I would highly recommend them

James Grippe
Paula Lamendola

The office is beautiful and the staff is amazing. Always willing to answer every question and take their time. I highly recommend this practice.

Frank B
Nanette Cesare
Elissa Luna

(Translated by Google) Good



Leticia Arce

(Translated by Google) Excellent



Carmen Sarit

Dear Dawn and Kathy ( Dawn is the Audiologist – Kathy Office Manager )
I just want to please say you 2 Ladies are the most kind and caring and fun ladies I have ever met in my life in a professional
manner. From the second I walked into the office with Kathy’s incredibly contagious smile- made you feel right at home and at ease as I am a older man with a very bad hearing situation and was very nervous about this initial visit- but again- immediately was put at ease-by this Amazing caring office manager….then . when I met Dawn -the Audiologist -it was the same caring and kindness as Kathy- they are a truly incredible team , and showed me how to feel comfortable with my hearing aids- and spent so much time with me showing me how to put them on and take them off with ease , and how to care foe them. I cant say enough how they both have the perfect mix of 100 Professional -and at the same time- a very very fun and loving make you feel at ease personality to make my hearing loss situation – very comfortable- and now with my hearing aids I hear perfect and its all because of these 2 ladies- this is the place to go- I’m sure all their locations are great!- but its worth it to go out of your way to see Dawn and Kathy in Patchogue to make you feel right at home!- very sincerely Michael Rinsler, PS- I would give 100 stars if I could!!-lol and I just did!

Michael Rinsler
Sandra Lombardi
Andres Carpio

Excellent care; and a very friendly, knowledgable staff!

Marybeth Valenti
Kristen Rothfelder
Lola Davis
Ka Rio
Jake Gerard

Just the best. Dawn was amazing, explaining everything fully and being so friendly. This is the place to go!!!

John Tarantino

I would like to thank you for your outstanding contribution to the Wiilambridge office. You had been an amazing team, who was diligent and hard-working. Your dedication to work with patients is resulting in an increased output at your site. Because of your kind atmosphere of patience and kindness, I expect growth in the future, as you deliver the same quality of work. The front desk staff is AMAZING! I am writing this letter to thank you for your assistance during the many hours spent, especially during these difficult times, how you manage to assist your patients and co-workers. I would like to thank you from the core of my heart for the services rendered at your office. It is an honor to be assisted by such a caring staff, who is a huge milestone to the office. Thank you!


Every service provider runs into glitches beyond their control. What separates the great ones from the rest is how they address it. I had recurring complications with my aids and McGuire’s would not give up until the manufacturer got all of it done to perfection… even when I felt things were OK, they were still not satisfied until it met their far greater expectations. Want a Hearing Center that is truly there for you? So do I, that’s why I’ll only go to McGuire’s in Centereach.

Ken Piorun

They are very nice helpful,clean. I am very satisfied with the service they provide.

shaneequa neureiter

These hearing aids are amazing! I got these 3 months ago to replace ones that I’ve had for years. Audiologist Dr. Kaitlyn O’Rourke made a process that I had thought would be complicated and drawn out a genuine breeze. She helped me clearly understand key features and any maintenance involved with these hearing aids. I was impressed, and still am, about the capabilities of this type of hearing aid and with how easy Dr. O’Rourke made it seem to set up for my profound hearing loss. I can honestly say that I cannot imagine, now, being without my new hearing aids. Thank you

Matt W.

Very clean and excellent service

Julys G

Great and outstanding doctors and wonderful staff

Maoly Aponte

Donna and Cathy are the utmost in terms of customer service and patient service. I recommend anyone needing hearing aids sales and service to see them.

Ron Hughes

Great customer service.

Ann I. Aurelio
Alyssa Kelly
Noemi Bonilla
Kyla Feeney

Dr. Franky has great patience and is very informative! Her Yorktown office is exceptionally clean and takes all necessary precautions.

James Sullivan

Mary is amazing, great service and very professional

victor rugg
jeremy boyle

They are the most caring and professional office. They explain everything and make you feel so comfortable. They make you feel like family.

Randy Pitrowski

Admin staff was friendly and welcoming! My visit was with the doctor was professional and insightful. I was given step by step details on the process to obtain my hearing aids, including time frames of when I would receive my new hearing aids. As a first time patient and first experience with this process I am truly satisfied!

Demitra Bartlett

Everyone at McGuire’s Hearing Center in Selden is so thoughtful and careful to treat your condition with the utmost professionalism . I brought my 91 yr old dad there knowing that he was reluctant to admit his condition. They helped him and fit him with a pair of aids that were perfect for him. It has vastly improved his life (and ours)! He proudly wears them every day all day. I would recommend them to anyone without hesitation. It was great value as well.


They are the best. Number one.

Richie Villaronga

I was looking for a Hearing Center today and I just so happened to walk by the Hearing Center on Fordham Road. Unfortunately, my insurance is an out of state insurance and I did not want to pay out of pocket for my visit, BUT the young ladies at the front desk were so helpful and professional. They listened intently to what my needs were and even though my insurance is not accepted, they did not treat me any different. I would recommend this center to ANYONE!

Henry Ingles

When I was 40 and needed glasses, I got them without a second thought. Now in my 70s with some loss of hearing, I recognized that I had to take action to assure I could comfortably do my work as a newspaper reporter. Dr. Bohr and her staff were patient and there was no hard sell. I could have walked out without buying the hearing aids with no pressure. But I chose to get the units and have had them for a couple of weeks now. They are comfortable, not visible and on both levels 1 and 2, I am very pleased with the increased hearing ability I have. I will be returning in two weeks for a move to level 3 that for me will restore me to a normal level of hearing. But the adjustment period has been very easy. I chose McGuire’s having written about Les Paul using its services when, as a gifted musician, he needed hearing aids. Glad I made the choice. Yes, I could have had my hearing tested and bought hearing aids for less money through a number of vendors. But as a new user, I wanted the guidance that came with choosing McGuire’s that has truly been a partner in my journey. I’m pleased that I made the decision I did.

Julie Lane

Sandra could not be more helpful. Excellent service.


Awesome Michael was the nicest most helpful person we could have ever worked with. Thanks so much for making our vacation more beautiful for my mother when her hearing failed on her.

Mark Porter
Roseann Bello
Ashley Pado

McGuire’s is the best hearing center I’ve ever been to. I’ve been seeing Dr.Bohr for years. She’s caring and kind during appointments and always willing to help me whenever I have called the office with questions. I highly recommend her and this center!

holly habyan
Kathleen Quigley

Mcguires is a great place for hearing needs! I have been to Centereach and Patchogue offices. The offices are kept clean and service was very adequate. Staff were friendly and professional. My audiologist at Patchogue was was calm patient and knowledgeable. It is Amazing how much better I hear now as my experience there has now changed my life for the better. I am very thankful for this place/staff and service!

Jillian Weiner

Recently went to McGuires for a check up. Making an appointment was easy and quick. I met with Janet Shalley was nothing short of fantastic. From the examination to the adjustment of my hearing aid…absolutely fantastic. I would highly recommend them to everyone… Great Job!!

Paul Dapontes

For anyone needing audiologist and/or hearing aids please reach out to Kaitlyn o’rourke at McGuire’s Hearing Center at Pelham. In all my years of being hearing impaired I have never met someone so committed so passionate about her profession. Does not matter time or day she will always email me back and answer any questions or concerns I may have. Talk about family, she exceeds. All other workers as well have been very pleasant and very helpful to work with. Words don’t do justice to how thankful my son and I are for all you do.

Veronica Johnston
Christopher Ascoli

McGuire’s Hearing center is great. The staff Naomi and Katherine are very friendly and efficient, they helped my mom to get a referral from her doctor that she needed, they called Montefiore Hospital and got the referral for her. Dr. Cristina is so wonderful, she was very caring and patient with my mom. I definitely recommend McGuires. Thank you so much McGuire’s Hearing Center.

Cynthia Barber

This review is long overdue! My 94 year old mum has been going to McGuire’s Hearing Center for over 5 years now. She would not go any where else! The unbelievable service that she receives from Dawn, Mary and Kathy are amazing. They are ALL incredibly hard working, patient, kind, and treat my mum with great respect and care. They are all so knowledgeable in their field and don’t ever hesitate to try and help. I am forever grateful to these lovely ladies!!!

Thisker m

I have been wearing hearing aids for 10 years. About 6 months ago I realized that I was hearing little or nothing at all in my right ear. Assuming this was part of the aging process and worsening hearing loss, I lived with it. It recently got so bad I was finding it impossible to successfully work at my job, that as a salesman, where hearing your customers desires is a number one requirement. An appointment for a hearing test with the amazing Paula found that I had somehow lost a hearing aid dome in my ear canal. Paula successfully removed the blockage and miraculously restored hearing to my offending ear. Thanks to Paula’s above and beyond effort I will once again be able to hear family, friends and customers without the annoying “please repeat that” and “could you please talk louder” and other requests that a hearing impaired person is all too familiar with. Thank you Laura and Mcguires for great care and treatment.

Joe landsberg

The front line of the office in Riverhead is headed by Fran Siano. Fran has a very important role at the Riverhead Office. She is the first person that everyone sees before their appointment. I have sat in the waiting room over the years and have seen many types of clients. Some are angry, depressed and just generally upset. Getting a hearing aid is a major step for any person. It touches on a number of emotions. Fran has a wonderful way with the clients. She listens very carefully as to what they are saying, and approaches them with an understanding of what they are going through. I have had first hand experience with Fran. I am so thankful for her assistance in so many areas.
McGuires, you are so fortunate to have a staff member who is a positive member. Thank you for Fran Siano.

Rena Rosenfeld