Best Practices to Prevent Losing Your Hearing Aids

Anyone with hearing loss needs their hearing devices to get through the day. While hearing aids make life more normal, they do have a drawback: they’re very small and easy to misplace. The good news is that following some basic advice can prevent losing your devices. Continue reading to learn some of the common reasons why you might lose a hearing aid in Long Island, NY and how to prevent them.

Use your hearing aid case

Your hearing aids should’ve come with a special case when you received them. Be sure to store them in your case any time you take them out of your ears. Storing them in the case instead of leaving them lying around in the open helps ensure they won’t accidentally get knocked into the garbage can or fall onto the floor where they’re impossible to find.

Remove them sparingly

Keeping your hearing aids in your ears, especially when you’re in public, is the top way to prevent misplacing them. Even if you have your hearing aid case on you, taking them out in a public space is risky, as you could accidentally drop them or leave them out where they could become damaged.

Develop a removal routine

Doctors agree that wearing your hearing aids to bed is a bad idea, so you’ll need to take them out before you hit the hay every night. Create a removal routine and practice it each night before climbing in bed. By following a nightly ritual, you’ll be less likely to misplace them or forget where they are in the morning.

Label your hearing aid container

If someone else in your household also wears hearing devices, be sure to label your case to differentiate it from theirs. Every hearing device is specially designed for the patient, and putting the wrong devices in is just concerning as losing them outright. Label your case with your name to ensure there won’t be any mix-ups.

Keep them at eye level

Be sure to place your hearing aid case at eye level any time you take them out of your ear. Keeping them on a table, dresser or counter at eye level makes them easy to spot and reduces the chance that they fall on the ground and get stepped on or get chewed up by a pet.

Purchase a clip

If you’re an active person who’s always on the go, consider purchasing a hearing aid clip that attaches to your clothes. Having your hearing devices attached to something is one of the best ways to not lose your hearing aids in Long Island, NY when you’re participating in an activity or out in public with your friends.

Contact us if you lose your hearing aids!

Even if you follow all of our tips to avoid losing your hearing aids in Long Island, NY, there’s no way to guarantee they won’t go missing. Come to McGuire’s Hearing Centers if you misplace your hearing aids, we will review all of your replacement options.