Patient Stories

Borrowed Time

Borrowed time, we hold it now…. (with permission of Nini Camps, Antigone Rising) I want to sit under the stars and watch the night unfold I want to stay here with you now and whisper really close Remember what I said as you lay down your head The only thing that stays with us is… View Article

Why Cultivating Relationships With Your Patients is Important

Twice a month the New York Times Magazine runs an article called Diagnosis. These articles tell the stories of tricky medical cases and read like detective stories. Recently there was the story of a healthy (triathlete) gentleman who had a sudden severe GI problem while traveling in Europe. He was nauseous and unable to eat… View Article

A Dose of Good News!

We are learning more and more about connections between a healthy life style and cardiovascular and hearing health. But this specific correlation made me smile, and I hope you will too! A research team in Korea conducted an extensive well-controlled nation-wide study of the health of a large group of middle aged subjects. Many things… View Article

What Programs Can Assist With Cost of Hearing Aids?

Getting new high quality hearing aids has always been challenging owing to the increased cost of these items. Insurance hearing aid benefits may offer hearing evaluation and hearing loss treatment, but they don’t cover hearing aids. Therefore, most people don’t have the necessary finances, so they depend on various programs to get hearing aids. If… View Article