Experience Doesn’t Come in a Box: Reasons to Have Your Hearing Aids Fitted by a Professional

You have two choices if you need to get hearing aids. You can go online and purchase them from a big box retailer, or you can visit a professional audiologist and get fitted for personalized hearing devices.

Buying them online may seem faster and more convenient, but there are quite a few out of the box hearing aid cons in Long Island, NY. This post will cover a few of the reasons to get your hearing devices from a pro:

  • Personalized solution: No two patients are alike when it comes to hearing loss. That means every patient needs a customized hearing device. When you purchase your devices through an audiologist, you can rest easy knowing your hearing aids will address your particular needs.
  • Perfect fit: No two ears or ear canals are the same, either. Buying your hearing aids from a big box retailer could result in an improper fit, making your devices less effective and more likely to fall out. An audiologist can craft a device that’s tailored specifically for your ear shape.
  • Instructions for use: Using hearing devices typically isn’t as easy as putting them in and turning them on. There are detailed instructions you’ll need to follow, and unfortunately, those big box retailers cannot provide you with thorough tutorials. An audiologist will take the time to cover the ins and outs of your devices, so you can walk away knowing just how to use them.
  • Highest-quality products: You never know what the quality of your devices will be when you shop through a big box retailer. That’s not the case when you buy from an audiologist. They only carry the best brands and products, so your devices are sure to provide maximum benefit.

Why choose McGuire’s Hearing Centers?

You know the cons to not being professionally fitted by an audiologist in Long Island, NY, but you can’t go to just any audiologist for your devices. Here are a few reasons to come to us:

  • Friendly and knowledgeable staff: First and foremost, we have the best team members a patient could ask for! At McGuire’s Hearing Centers, we pride ourselves on our experience and high level of customer service. Whatever question you may have, you can count on us to know the answer.
  • Wide range of products: Not only do we carry the highest-quality hearing devices, but we also carry a wide variety! Whatever style of device you’re looking for, and no matter your budget, you can count on us to have the right product.
  • Guaranteed fit: We take the time with each of our patients to fit them with the correct device for their ear size and shape. When you purchase your devices from us, you can rest easy knowing you’ll get the perfect fit.

The choice is clear if you need hearing aids: come to McGuire’s Hearing Centers. We offer the competitive prices of big box hearing aid devices in Long Island, NY with the added benefit of our top-notch audiology care. Call us today to learn about all of our affordable hearing products.