Four Hearing Aid FAQs

Hearing aids can greatly improve quality of life for people who suffer from hearing loss. Whether you have always struggled with hearing problems or you’ve recently begun noticing issues with your hearing due to aging, using a hearing aid can significantly improve your ability to hear and help you feel more engaged with your career and personal life. If you’re still getting used to your hearing aids, or you’re thinking about getting hearing aids for the first time, consider these answers from an audiologist in Long Island, NY to a few of the most frequently asked hearing aid questions.

Hearing aids come in many different designs, with various features and functionalities. No matter what kinds of hearing aids you invest in, there are some common questions almost everyone has when they first begin using hearing aids. Here are four of the most frequently asked questions about hearing aids.

Can I wear my hearing aids while bathing?

Lots of people wonder if it’s safe to shower, bathe or go swimming in hearing aids. In most cases, this is not safe. Most hearing aids can be damaged by water, so it’s important to remove them before getting wet. Some hearing aid models are designed to be waterproof or water resistant, but it’s best to ask your audiologist about the features of your particular hearing aids before getting into the water while wearing them.

Can I wear my hearing aids while sleeping?

Hearing aids are designed to be comfortable for extended wear, but it’s best to take them out before going to bed. Wearing hearing aids to bed is a waste of energy since you won’t be awake to hear any amplified sounds. It’s also possible for hearing aids to fall out while you sleep, which increases their chances of getting broken or lost.

Are there other benefits to hearing aids?

In addition to the hearing benefits, hearing aids offer wearers some other benefits. For example, many hearing aids offer tinnitus dampening in Long Island, NY to minimize irritating ringing noises. This can make a big difference for people who suffer from tinnitus due to hearing loss or ear injury.

What do I do if my hearing aid stops working?

If you notice that your hearing aid isn’t working the way it should, it’s important to reach out to your audiologist in Long Island, NY. Performance issues can be caused by a change in your hearing needs or by a mechanical problem with the hearing aids themselves. No matter what the cause is, an audiologist can inspect your devices and make a recommendation for repair. If your hearing aids are several years old, it might be time for hearing aid replacement. Your audiologist can walk you through your options and recommend products based on your needs.

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