Four Simple Steps for Hearing Aid Maintenance

If you use a hearing aid, you already know how lost you would be without it. Being able to hear is essential to your daily activities, and even the time it takes to deal with a dead battery can seem like a lifetime when you’re suddenly left without the quality of hearing your hearing aid provides.

While a hearing aid may not seem like much from the outside, this device that’s no bigger than the tip of your finger is actually made up of some pretty sophisticated functions and delicate parts. If not cared for properly, your hearing aid may malfunction, leaving you with not only the annoyance of getting it repaired or replaced, but also having to be without the quality of hearing you’ve come to enjoy.

At McGuire’s Hearing Aids & Audiology Services, we frequently have customers coming in needing new hearing aids in Long Island, NY because they were not properly caring for their hearing aids. If you want your hearing aid to work properly and last for as long as possible, it’s important that you follow these steps:

  • Keep them dry: Moisture is probably the number one reason hearing aids malfunction. Between sweat and dampness in the air, it’s easy for your hearing aids to accumulate moisture. To avoid the accumulation of moisture that comes with daily use, open the battery compartment on your hearing aids and take out the batteries before bed so your hearing aid can “dry out” overnight.
  • Keep them clean: Decreased performance is often caused by the buildup of ear wax and other dirt and grime on your hearing aid. To avoid this, be sure to clean your hearing aid often with a soft, dry cloth. You should also check your ear molds for wax buildup. Ear molds can be cleaned with mild soap and water or a special cleaning solution. Just be sure that your ear molds are completely dry before reattaching them to your hearing aids.
  • Perform regular listening checks: Listening checks can help you identify a problem early on so you can have your hearing aid repaired right away and avoid poor quality sound. Your audiologist at McGuire’s Hearing Aids & Audiology Services will be able to instruct you on how to perform listening checks and identify interference and feedback.
  • Schedule routine maintenance checks: While home cleanings and listening checks will help keep your hearing aids performing well, you should still bring them in to be cleaned and checked by a professional regularly. A professional will be able to identify any issues and help make adjustments or repairs if something is wrong.

At McGuire’s Hearing Aids & Audiology Services, we believe that selling hearing aids in Long Island, NY is only the first step in building a relationship with our clients—not the last. When you purchase a hearing aid from us, we will be your partner for any hearing aid maintenance, repairs, or adjustments down the road. To learn more about our comprehensive services, call us today!