Knit caps created by Krysta’s Kreations

Dave Carr, owner of McGuire’s Hearing, has dedicated much of his life to donating his time, services and financial support to worthy causes. So it was no surprise to Dave when his daughter Krysta expressed an interest in knitting caps to support one of his favorite charities, the Foundation for Sight and Sound (

“Krysta has established Krysta’s Kreations, an endeavor allowing her to donate her proceeds so that those who cannot hear today – may hear tomorrow,” Dave said recently. “Her donations support the Foundation’s efforts to bring technological solutions to hearing and/or visually impaired individuals with limited resources,” he added. “This is a testament to how profoundly moving it is to witness someone receiving the gift of hearing – which Krysta has seen many times when we’ve perform philanthropic work,” Dave concluded.

Krysta’s caps are available in toddler, child or adult sizes, as well as a choice of color, for only $10, plus $2 shipping and handling. Order caps by e-mailing size and color choice to [email protected]