Krysta in China

When 15-year old Krysta Carr traveled thousands of miles to China with her dad and sister Keri in April, she knew that they were would endure a grueling schedule of fitting more than 50 children with hearing aids donated in part by her father (Dave Carr, owner of McGuire’s Hearing).

Krysta knew that she would be eating culinary delicacies unknown in America, some of which might not suit her palate.

She also realized that communication with children there would be difficult, because the kids she would meet would struggle with hearing impairments.

But Krysta was thrilled to go, and had even knitted by hand fifty red, white and blue caps as her gift to the children her father would see.

Krysta is the young woman behind Krysta’s Kreations, a business dedicated to creating and selling knit caps to help support hearing-impaired children throughout the world.

“I was really happy to help these children and give them a gift,” Krysta said. “My dad was able to restore the hearing of each of these kids, which is really amazing. And my knit caps will keep them warm and remind them of their friends in America,” she added.

“Krysta’s donations historically support the efforts of the Foundation for Sight and Sound to bring technological solutions to hearing and/or visually impaired individuals with limited resources,” her father noted. “The Foundation, in conjunction with Resound, helped sponsor the effort to bring these children hearing devices.”

Krysta’s caps are available in toddler, child or adult sizes, as well as a choice of color, for only $10, plus $2 shipping and handling. Order caps by e-mailing size and color choice to

[email protected]