McGuire’s Hearing Center Merger

The McGuire family of audiological centers has been a New York institution for quite some time now. Since we were established in 1970, our practice has seen nothing but steady growth across the Long Island area, and now, with the opening of our newest wing within the Union Community Health Center in the northwestern Bronx, our company has come to span ten different locations throughout the island and beyond.

With every new neighborhood comes not only new opportunities for growth and new people to assist, but also new challenges. Running a business with a single location is tricky enough; now try ten! And one of the biggest concerns that comes with juggling multiple branches is consistency: we want the quality of care you receive to always be at its best, no matter where you’re stopping in.

To that end, we decided that a change of pace was in order. With our name now spread evenly across two different brands, it’s time to bring the family under one umbrella. As such, our locales for McGuire’s Hearing Aids & Audiological Services in Long Island and Hearing Center offices throughout the Bronx and Yorktown Heights are being consolidated under a brand-new monicker: McGuire’s Hearing Center!

New name? Check. New logo? Check. But while we may be getting a new coat of paint, the important details that make up the core of our company — our service and dedication to our customers — will remain just as reliable and personal as it’s always been.

You’ll have access to the same extensive range of specialized McGuire services no matter which location you visit. From newborns to centenarians, we work with any and all patients to guarantee safe, affordable hearing solutions. Do you have a medical concern? We do testing and evaluations for hearing loss, tinnitus, balance issues, and auditory processing. In need of an assistive device? We do fittings, follow-ups, and counseling for hearing aids. A device on the fritz or in the market for an upgrade? We sell and install accessories — including custom-fitted ear molds — and do reprogramming and repair.

Communication is an integral facet of a productive life, and it is our desire to ensure that nothing stands in the way of your being able to do so effectively. Younger visitors have a specialized set of evaluations and devices available to them to ensure that the crucial years of their development are in no way hindered, while older clients can find a wealth of listening tools that can be tailored to your lifestyle. From the traditional “behind-the-ear” model to several “invisible” aids, you’ll find something that works for you. We even carry devices designed to connect directly to your smartphone!

Whichever roof you find yourself under, you can be sure that you’re under the care of people whose one focus is your wellbeing. Our new name reflects that, as we are not just a loose collection of similar companies, but a network that puts your interests first.

So, from our family to yours, welcome to McGuire’s Hearing Center! Let us know how we can help. We can’t wait to get started.