1,700 People Fitted with Hearing Aids During Starkey Hearing Foundation Mission

Arequipa, PERU – To give the gift of hearing to those who would never have the means or access to hearing aids, David Carr and Danielle Gilewski of McGuire’s Hearing Aids and Audiology Services, recently volunteered to join a mission sponsored by the Starkey Hearing Foundation.

Carr, the owner and operator of McGuire’s and The Hearing Centers, and Gilewski, the general manager of the nine locations on Long Island, Westchester, and the Bronx, not only provided the gift of hearing to a man named Juan, but they facilitated an unexpected family reunion.

peru 1The surprise came when Miguel, a volunteer from Peru was serving as a translator for the Starkey mission as they fit 1,700 patients a day for hearing aids in Arequipa. Little did Miguel know he would be helping translate for his deceased father’s cousin. When Juan sat in his chair to be fitted, he noticed he and Miguel shared the same last name. The two soon made the connection and learned that Juan is the cousin of Miguel’s father.

Juan and Miguel had never met, so they were excited to make the family connection. They exchanged contact information so they could stay in touch despite living four hours apart. Through the gift of hearing, they will be able to stay connected.

“Someday a person we have helped might make a decision of kindness or trust because they were helped by an American,” said Carr. “And this time, it came with an added bonus of connecting family.”

The Starkey Hearing Foundation’s mission is to give the gift of hearing to those in need, empowering them to achieve their potential. The Foundation made a commitment in 2010 to the Clinton Global Initiative to provide 1 million hearing aids this decade. Aided by volunteers, such as Carr and Gilewski, they continue to travel the globe helping people in need. To date, they have given the gift of hearing in more than 100 countries.

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About McGuire’s Hearing and Audiological Services

McGuire’s Hearing Aids and Audiology Services was established in 1970 and is owned and operated by third generation McGuire’s family member, David Carr. Like his parents before him, Dave’s business philosophy of “patients come first” is most evident when he cares for patients as a New York State licensed hearing specialist. In fact, all McGuire employees recognize that patient commitment is the company’s primary responsibility. Guided by this philosophy, staff members devote themselves to optimal patient care and exceed state and federal requirements for continuing education. Find McGuire’s on the web at mcguireshearing.com.

About The Hearing Center

The Hearing Center at Pelham, Montefiore, MedAlliance, and Yorktown are part of the family of hearing practices of McGuire’s Hearing Services of New York. McGuire’s Hearing Services is a family owned and operated practice located on Long Island, with over 45 years’ experience serving the hearing community.

The Hearing Centers have provided the highest level of audiological evaluations and hearing aid services. They offer the latest hearing aid technology. They strive to build long-term relationships with patients and families based on trust, comfort and respect.

Our newest Bronx location is the Hearing Center at Medalliance, located near the N.Y. Botanical Gardens and Fordham University. Medalliance is a multi-service, multi-specialty medical practice that has provided services to the Bronx community for over 23 years. The HC at Medalliance is an independent free-standing audiology and hearing aid practice with our own entrance on East Fordham Road. We are able to provide all hearing services with appointments available quickly.

The Hearing Center at Yorktown Heights is our northernmost office, serving people in Westchester, Putnam and Dutchess counties. This office was an established practice that joined our group in 2015, and now shares in the resources offered by a large multi-office practice.

The Hearing Centers serve patients of all ages, from newborn babies through centenarians, with the goal to empower patients to lead happier, more engaged, and more comfortable lives. They treat their patients as they would hope to be, and would want their own family members to be treated. Find the Hearing Center on the web at hearingcenterny.com.

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About the Starkey Hearing Foundation

As a young man, William F. Austin, the founder of the Starkey Hearing Foundation, realized his true calling in life was helping people hear, and that by doing so, he could have a lasting impact on the world. For more than 50 years, Austin has been providing the gift of hearing to people in need, and to formalize the philanthropic efforts of Starkey Hearing Technologies, he officially founded the Starkey Hearing Foundation in 1984. Austin built the organization on his vision — “So the World May Hear.” Over the last three decades, he has expanded the Foundation’s reach from Minnesota, to across the United States and around the world, with the help of thousands of volunteers and supporters. Find the Starkey Hearing Foundation on the web at starkeyhearingfoundation.org.