The 7 Advantages of Audibel’s A4iQ Technology

Hearing aid technology is rapidly changing. The hearing aids of today are a lot more advanced than those from even just a few years ago. From longer lasting batteries that are fully rechargeable and last for more than 24-hours to the ability to stream audio so you can hear your grandchildren on the phone and experience superior enjoyment of tv shows and movies, the latest hearing aids make it possible for you experience hearing in a more natural feeling way.

Audibel A4iQ hearing aids powered by Starkey Hearing Technologies truly take your hearing to the next level and here at McGuire’s Hearing Centers, we’re excited to carry them. The advances in these hearing aids are truly remarkable and we just have to share them with you. Below you’ll find 7 amazing advantages of Audibel’s A4iQ technology.

1. Helps you hear better in environments where it’s hard to hear conversations

So many of our patients share with us that they miss out on those important moments and conversations at things like outdoor family picnics, concerts, or even just a meal out with their spouse because of all the extra background noise. If you experience similar problems, you’ll be happy to know that Audibel A4iQ uses patented technology called Acuity™ Immersion Directionality that actually helps you hear like you used to and improves your ability to hear speech in even the most challenging environments.

2. Provides you with 2 rechargeable options that last longer than ever

One of the key improvements that Audibel’s A4iQ technology provides is the ability to wear your hearing aids for 20 percent longer than any other type of hearing aid. That means you can stream audio for longer periods of time and don’t have to worry about missing any parts of the conversation when you’re out with friends because your hearing aids need to recharge. Plus A4iQ hearing aids are actually 30% smaller than other system’s rechargeable options.

3. Compatible with Surflink accessories to provide you with superior wireless streaming

Do you have problems hearing callers over the phone or do people complain your television volume is too loud even though you wear hearing aids? One of the amazing benefits of Audibel’s A4iQ hearing aids is their compatibility with a wide range of Surflink accessories like the Surflink Mobile 2 that allows you to talk on the phone as well as to enjoy watching television at a normal volume, listen to music with ease and a whole host of other audio streaming capabilities. In fact, these hearing aids are designed to allow you to experience music just like it was attended!

4. Provides an easier and quicker transition to hearing aids

So many people complain that adjusting to hearing aids was difficult and not what they expected. If you’ve tried hearing aids before and hated the experience because you couldn’t get used to them, you’ll be happy to hear that Audibel’s A4iQ hearing aids mean you will experience a more comfortable transition. That’s because A4iQ hearing aids give you a truly personalized listening experience through gradual adjustments while also eliminating noise distortion in noisy environments and providing superior clarity so you can hear even the softest sounds.

5. Eliminates annoying buzzing and whistling

Do your hearing aids sometimes jar your nerves because of annoying feedback like buzzing and whistling? Audibel’s A4iQ hearing aids provide you with a top-of-the-line feedback cancellation system that means you experience more natural feeling hearing instead of noises and feedback.

6. Better durability and dependability

Audibel A4iQ hearing aids take dependability and durability to a whole new level with Audibel’s patented Surface™ NanoShield water, wax, and moisture repellent system. That means you can spend more time enjoying life instead of worrying about your hearing aids malfunctioning.

7. Advanced tinnitus relief that’s tailored to you

Have you been diagnosed with tinnitus, either alone, or on top of hearing loss? Audibel’s A4iQ hearing aids use Advanced Multiflex Tinnitus Technology that provides advanced and customizable tinnitus relief like ringing in your ears.


Not every hearing aid is right for every person and every budget, but if you’re looking for hearing that’s as close to how you used to experience it, then you might consider the Audibel A4iQ wireless hearing aids. These hearing aids make it easier to hear in noisy situations, provide you with 2 rechargeable options, are durable and dependable, provide tinnitus relief, and allow you to hear every note in a piece of music.

If you have any questions about whether the Audibel A4iQ hearing aids might be right for you, or about hearing loss and any of our other products, drop them in the comments section or contact your nearest McGuire’s Hearing Centers today.