Tips for Hearing Aid Troubleshooting and Repair

Have you been having issues with your hearing aids lately? Perhaps it feels as though they have not been as effective as they once were. This is definitely possible—like any other piece of technology, hearing aids will occasionally have technical problems and may require a tune-up or hearing aid repair in Long Island, NY for them to return to their most effective operation.
Some of the most common problems people tend to experience with their hearing aids include a lack of sound, a lack of volume, unusual distortion of sound, constant buzzing or whistling noises or a hearing aid that won’t stay in the ear. The underlying causes vary, including hearing aids that have become physically damaged, no longer fit properly or are dirty and need to be cleaned.

In many cases, you can resolve the issues yourself by adjusting the settings on your hearing aid or clearing out debris. Here are just a few of the troubleshooting and repair steps you can try at home before having to schedule an appointment with a professional for hearing aid repair:

  • Check the power: Make sure the hearing aid is actually turned on before you move on to any other steps. While this might seem obvious, you’d be surprised at how many times people put in their hearing aid while forgetting to turn it on.
  • Re-place: Take the hearing aid out of your ear and set it back in. It could simply be an issue with how you placed it in your ear, so getting the correct placement can help.
    Check the battery: Make sure the battery is properly positioned in your hearing aid.
  • Volume: Some hearing aids have manual volume controls. If yours is one, make sure the volume is at the appropriate setting.
  • Wax: Check the earpiece for wax and debris. Occasionally a buildup of wax can result in the hearing aid not functioning properly. Clean out the wax and debris as necessary according to manufacturer instructions, and then give it a try. You may find this resolves the problems you’re having.
  • Settings: Try toggling programs or changing the settings in your hearing aid to see if you can resolve the problem this way. There’s a possibility you accidentally switched to a different setting that is causing the sudden problems you’re experiencing. For example, one common mistake is turning on the t-coil or loop setting. If this happens, turn your hearing aid back to its standard microphone setting, and that should hopefully do the trick.

If you’ve tried all of the above steps and haven’t had any luck with fixing the problem, then you’re going to need to schedule an appointment with a hearing aid professional to have them take a look at your devices.

Make sure you make cleaning and caring for your hearing aids a part of your daily routine—this will help them to stay in good operating condition for years to come.
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