Common Types of Hearing Problems

Millions of people in the United States suffer from hearing loss. While hearing loss is most common among older adults, people of all ages can experience hearing loss due to health conditions or trauma. Understanding some different types of hearing problems can give you a better idea of what to be aware of when it comes to your hearing health. Keep reading to learn more about common types of hearing trouble in Long Island, NY.

Here are some common hearing problems that can be early signs of hearing loss or hearing damage:

  • Balance problems: You might not associate your sense of balance with your hearing health, but these things are more connected than many people realize. Everyone has inner ear fluid that’s responsible for maintaining a sense of balance and equilibrium. There are some health disorders that cause a fluctuation or imbalance in this inner ear fluid, and that leads to a loss of balance and dizziness.
  • Trouble hearing in crowded environments: If you struggle to hear people while in a crowded environment, like a busy restaurant or a large gathering, it’s possible that you’re experiencing some hearing loss. Hearing loss can make it much more difficult to distinguish voices and filter out background noises in crowded environments. Having difficulty with hearing in Long Island, NY should not be ignored. Call an audiologist for a hearing screening and consultation.
  • Clogged ears: If your ears consistently feel clogged or congested, it could be due to an excess buildup of ear wax, or because of an ear infection. No matter the cause, this congestion can make it difficult to hear, and it can cause permanent hearing damage in some people. Oftentimes, this feeling of ear fullness occurs along with other symptoms, including frequent ear popping and tinnitus. In many cases, this problem can be resolved by taking antibiotics to clear the ear infection, or by getting ear irrigation from a healthcare provider.
  • Sudden hearing loss: If you’re experiencing sudden hearing loss, there are several potential causes. Sudden difficulty hearing in Long Island, NY is often caused by inflammation or swelling that interferes with ear hairs and nerves and muffles noises. Sometimes, sudden hearing loss can be caused by the use of certain medications, including aspirin, antibiotics or diuretics. It’s important to ask your doctor about potential side effects of your medications so you’ll know what to expect. If you are struggling with sudden and unexpected hearing loss and you aren’t taking any prescriptions, contact an audiologist for a consultation.

Having difficulty hearing in Long Island, NY?

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