RIC Standard

Hearing Aid Style

RIC Standard

One of the most popular choices for first-time hearing aid wearers.

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  • Discreet design
  • Variety of color options available
  • No hard-to-use buttons or dials
  • For mild to severe hearing loss


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4.9 out of 5 Stars based on 291 Reviews on Google.

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I had a very pleasant experience with Dr Bohr who was very professional and empathetic. She also introduced me to the newest technology re hearing aids. I am looking forward to a meeting with her next week to assess my experience with this hearing aid,

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Pablo L. Torre Jr. M.D., on Google

Audiologist is wonderful. Only complaint, this office texts, calls, texts again with appointment reminders, even after first confirmation. Feels like nagging.

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Lorraine De Armitt, on Google

Mary was very capable and pleasant to work with. She did everything possible to help me with my new hearing aides but, above that she obviously very experienced and knows the medical information accruing to hearing problems.

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Ruth Bruun, on Google

I have been going here for years and have had nothing but great experiences. The staff is kind and Mary is wonderful! Thank you for helping me to hear better!

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Linda Ogeka, on Google

The experience was fine. They were very caring, did a lot of testing and determined I needed special hearing aids that are quite expensive. I'm a 81 year old man and cannot afford those hearing aids.

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Bill Knoernschild, on Google

Very professional, helpful and friendly. My experience was exceptional, I would highly recommend.

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Frank Dalene, on Google

Very knowledgeable staff and super friendly Offered alot of great information to help me make my choice

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matt 2004R, on Google

Carissa was lovely and extremely efficient. She made this a very pleasurable experience. She made me want to come back!

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andrew koven, on Google

The entire team at McGuire’s were helpful and knowledgeable. They resolved the problem and were very pleasant to deal with. Thank you

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Alexander Vreeland, on Google

Dr Bennardo was great. She is knowledgeable, helpful , she gave me plenty of time. She carefully explained my options. I would highly recommend her. The whole staff was great.

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Kenneth Lynch, on Google

“McGuire's has been doing their best in the challenging task of finding the most effective solution for a hearing impaired 93-year old individual.”

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Veljko Radeka, on Google